I have become a big believer in data sharing and open science.  It isn’t my data, or my institution’s data since the public helped pay for it’s collection.  I am in the process of making data from published studies available.  And going forward, whenever possible, raw data and statistical code (R) for future papers will be published and will be freely available and usable by anybody.  Meaning you don’t have to contact me to ask for permission, I don’t need to be an author, etc. That said, I would appreciate a heads-up.  And in most cases, it would be good to check in to learn more about data acquisition, who needs to be credited and thanked, etc.

For now, Ill be putting data here and on FigShare.  I like Dryad but don’t like paying them to host data or having to publish before sharing.  There is also the ESA data registry, which I plan to try soon.

Data for Hackerott et al. 2013, Bruno et al. 2013, and Valdivia et al. (in prep) here at FigShare.

Data for Bruno and Valdivia 2016 is here at Dryad and the code is here at GitHub.