Bruno lab


Current lab members

Kate Gould (2017-  ) PhD student via the Biology Department,
Kate is in charge of the department Nanodrop. If you’d like to use it, please contact her.

Esteban Agudo (2019-   ) PhD student via the Biology Department,

Savannah Ryburn (2019-  ) PhD student via E3P,

Isabel Silva (2021-  ) MS student via the Biology Department,

Haley Capone (2021-  ) MS student via the Biology Department,


Makeila Cox: undergraduate working on Acropora restoration in Belize (via the fantastic Fragments of Hope), measuring the efficacy of coral out-planting  in restoring ecosystem functioning, like the provision off habitat for fishes, eg;

Past graduate students

Laura Mudge (2015-2020) PhD student via the Biology Department

Catie Alves (2015-2020) PhD student via the CEE

Erin Spencer (2017- 2019) MS student via CEE. Erin worked on red snapper fisheries. Among other honors she won the campus 3 minute thesis competition and received an Impact Award. Erin is now a PhD student at FIU in the Papastamatiou lab, studying predator-prey interactions.

Lindsey Carr, (2009-2015) PhD student via the Biology Department who worked on subtidal ecology and shark fishing in the Galapagos Islands. 

Courtney Cox, PhD student via the Biology Department (2009-2014). Courtney worked on fisheries management in Belize. Dr. Cox is now a research scientist at the Smithsonian Institution.

Rachel Gittman, PhD student  via the CEE (2009-2014). Rachel worked on salt marsh ecosystem function and conservation in North Carolina. Rachel is a post doc at Northeastern University.

Abel Valdivia, PhD student via the Biology Department (2009-2014). Abel working on the role of sharks in coral reef ecosystems. Abel is a staff scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity.

Serena Hackerott, MS student via the Marine Sciences Department (2013-2014). Serena worked on the impacts of lionfish on Caribbean reef communities. Serena is a faculty member at the University of the Marshall Islands.

Elizabth R. Selig, PhD (2003-2008 via CEE)

Sarah C. Lee, PhD (2002-2008 via MASC, currently an Assistant Professor at DePauw University)

Mary O’Connor, PhD (2003-2008 via CEE, now an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver)

Pamela Reynolds, PhD (2007-20011 via Biology, now a post doc at UC Davis)


Past post docs

Justin Baumann (2018-2020) SPIRE post doc

Colleen Bove (2020) Post doc

Kathryn Boyer, PhD (2003-2004, now an Associate Professor, San Francisco State University)

Nessa O’Connor, PhD (2005, now an Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland)

Zachary Long, PhD (2005-2007, now an Assistant Professor, UNCW)

Karl Castillo, PhD (2008-2012, now an Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill, Dept of Marine Sciences)

Emily Darling (2013-2015), via a David H Smith Conservation Research Fellowship


Other past students and technicians 

Amanda DelVecchia, Meg Dolan, Katie DuBois, Leigh Habeger, Sam Harris, Brittany Huntington, Meredith Kintzing, Laura Ladwig, Emma Moran, Jackie Padilla-Gamino, Matt Perkinson, Virginia Schutte, Michael Simpson, Gillian Smelick, Bobby Vogt, Ivana Vu, Logan Gin, Anna Smith, David Fernandez, Sydney Mantell