Bruno lab


Current lab members

Kate Gould (2017-  ) PhD student via the Biology Department, Kate is working on coral comparative physiological ecology and improving coral restoration.

Esteban Agudo (2019-   ) PhD student via the Biology Department, Esteban is working on the influence of temperature on marine predation.

Savannah Ryburn (2019-  ) PhD student via E3P, Savannah is working on the ecology of juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks including their diet, movements, and habitat use.

Isabel Silva (2021-  ) MS student via the Biology Department, Isabel is working on the relative and interactive effects of temperature, herbivory, and nutrient flux in controlling benthic primary production in the Galapagos marine ecosystem.

Haley Capone (2021-  ) MS student via the Biology Department, Haley is working on the interactive effects of temperature and nutrients on benthic primary production.

Caroline Parker (2021- ) undergraduate working on shark foraging ecology with Savannah Ryburn

Emma Rudy Srebnik (2022- ) undergraduate working on shark ecology with Savannah Ryburn.

Makeila Cox: undergraduate working on Acropora restoration in Belize (via the fantastic Fragments of Hope), measuring the efficacy of coral out-planting  in restoring ecosystem functioning, like the provision off habitat for fishes, eg;

Past graduate students

Laura Mudge (2015-2020) PhD student via the Biology Department, now a statistical / environmental scientist with Integral Consulting, Inc

Catie Alves (2015-2020 PhD student via the CEE), currently a scientist with the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s Social Science Branch

Erin Spencer (2017- 2019) MS student via CEE. Erin worked on red snapper fisheries. Among other honors she won the campus 3 minute thesis competition and received an Impact Award. Erin is now a PhD student at FIU in the Papastamatiou lab, studying predator-prey interactions.

Lindsey Carr, (2009-2015) PhD student via the Biology Department who worked on subtidal ecology and shark fishing in the Galapagos Islands. 

Courtney Cox, PhD student via the Biology Department (2009-2014). Courtney worked on fisheries management in Belize and is now a research scientist at Rare

Rachel Gittman, PhD student  via the CEE (2009-2014). Rachel worked on salt marsh ecosystem function and conservation in North Carolina. Rachel is an Associate Professor at Eastern Carolina University

Abel Valdivia, PhD student via the Biology Department (2009-2014). Abel working on the role of sharks in coral reef ecosystems. Abel is a staff scientist at the World Wildlife Fund.

Serena Hackerott, MS student via the Marine Sciences Department (2013-2014). Serena worked on the impacts of lionfish on Caribbean reef communities. Serena is currently a PhD student at NOVA

Pamela Reynolds, PhD (2007-20011 via Biology)

Elizabeth R. Selig, PhD (2003-2008 via CEE), now Deputy Director, Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford University

Mary O’Connor, PhD (2003-2008 via CEE) now a Professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Sarah C. Lee, PhD (2002-2008 via MASC) currently an Assistant Professor at DePauw University


Past post docs

Justin Baumann (2018-2020) SPIRE post doc

Colleen Bove (2020) Post doc

Kathryn Boyer, PhD (2003-2004, now an Associate Professor, San Francisco State University)

Nessa O’Connor, PhD (2005, now an Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland)

Zachary Long, PhD (2005-2007, now an Assistant Professor, UNCW)

Karl Castillo, PhD (2008-2012, now an Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill, Dept of Marine Sciences)

Emily Darling (2013-2015), via a David H Smith Conservation Research Fellowship


Other past students and technicians 

Amanda DelVecchia, Meg Dolan, Katie DuBois, Leigh Habeger, Sam Harris, Brittany Huntington, Meredith Kintzing, Laura Ladwig, Emma Moran, Jackie Padilla-Gamino, Matt Perkinson, Virginia Schutte, Michael Simpson, Gillian Smelick, Bobby Vogt, Ivana Vu, Logan Gin, Anna Smith, David Fernandez, Sydney Mantell