Popular science

Some of my favorite popular science clips, op-eds, rants, etc.

Bruno, J.F., Troubled waters in the Galápagos. Washington Post Oct 25, 2018 link

Bruno, J.F., How to save the ‘tropical rainforests’ of the ocean. Washington Post January 9, 2018 link

Bruno, J.F., My depressing summers in Belize. New York Times, Sunday Review July 6 2017 link

Bruno, J.F. In support of the Biscayne Bay marine reserve. Op-ed, entered into the congressional record by Representative Grijalva (D-AZ) as evidence for the Subcommittee on Water, Power, and the Oceans hearing “Examining the Creation and Management of Marine Monuments and Sanctuaries. March 15, 2017. US House of Representative. link

Bruno, J.F. 2015. The coral disease triangle. Nature Climate Change 5:302–303 link

Bruno. J.F. 2014. How do coral reefs recover? Science 6119:879-880 link

Pryzant L.K. and J.F. Bruno. 2012. What to do when the oceans rise. PLoS Biology  link

Bruno, J.F. 2011. Fact checking the 60 Minutes segment on Gardens of the Queen. SeaMonster (note this piece originally appeared on Huffington Post) link

Bruno, J.F. 2011. Let us eat (other people’s) fish. SeaMonster  link

Bruno, J.F. 2010. Biodiversity loss continues unabated despite international efforts. Huffington Post  link

Bruno, J.F. 2010. A down under journalistic wipeout in covering risks to the great barrier reef. Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media link  link

Bruno, J.F. 2007. Professor makes personal appeal for coral. msnbc.com  link